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Al Mohler’s T4G 2014 Message: The Open Door Is The Only Door

The following are my notes from Al Mohler’s message at T4G 2014.

We need to be reminded of what brought T4G together. In 2006, we said:

“We are brothers in Christ to stand together for the gospel. We believe the gospel is misunderstood and compromised. We need to recover the gospel and stand together for it.”

We came together in 2006 to set forth a set of affirmations and denials. If you look at articles 9 & 10 you can see what we believe about evangelism. We have come together to be unashamed for the gospel.

The open door of the gospel is the only door for salvation in the gospel. Why is it necessary to say these things? It has been necessary in Acts and necessary now.

Reasons Why These Things Are Necessary

1. Shift to a cultural condition to post-Christianity.

The people with whom we are in contact in our community are post-Christian. It has taken one generation and exclusive claims are seen as naive. The Christian worldview is out of step in our society. It is bad theology and bad etiquette in our world. Continue reading


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