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Are We Too Obsessed With Our Sanctification?

“Therefore, since we have been justified by faith.”

This phrase sums up Romans 1-4. We are justified by faith alone apart from works of the law.

If justification were by works, then no one would be justified. For no one has done good works that meet God’s standard. All are guilty of idolatry, all are unrighteous, all suppress the truth, all are worthy of the outpouring of God’s wrath etc… If there were not a way to be justified by faith, then no one would be justified.

Justification by is by faith alone because it gives all glory to God. Faith simply receives God’s grace and therefore excludes all boasting (Romans 3:27).

Paul Turns A Corner

In chapter 5, Paul turns a corner in this great letter to the Romans. He is no longer arguing for the doctrine of justification by faith, but unpacking the glorious results of this truth.

To say that this is major turning point in Romans is contrary to many commentaries or outlines that you will come across when studying Romans. Most outlines that you will find on the book of Romans look like this: Continue reading


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