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Al Mohler’s T4G 2014 Message: The Open Door Is The Only Door

The following are my notes from Al Mohler’s message at T4G 2014.

We need to be reminded of what brought T4G together. In 2006, we said:

“We are brothers in Christ to stand together for the gospel. We believe the gospel is misunderstood and compromised. We need to recover the gospel and stand together for it.”

We came together in 2006 to set forth a set of affirmations and denials. If you look at articles 9 & 10 you can see what we believe about evangelism. We have come together to be unashamed for the gospel.

The open door of the gospel is the only door for salvation in the gospel. Why is it necessary to say these things? It has been necessary in Acts and necessary now.

Reasons Why These Things Are Necessary

1. Shift to a cultural condition to post-Christianity.

The people with whom we are in contact in our community are post-Christian. It has taken one generation and exclusive claims are seen as naive. The Christian worldview is out of step in our society. It is bad theology and bad etiquette in our world. Continue reading


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T4G 2012 Panel – Inerrancy: Did God Really Say?

(Listen to the audio of this panel HERE.)

Al Mohler read the affirmations and denials of T4G on inerrancy

John did you see inerrancy lost in your seminary at Fuller?

Piper: No. It happened while I was in Germany.

Simon, is this just a reformation thing?

Gathercole: No. We see inerrancy taught in Augustine very clearly.

Is there a unified thought in Christian history on inerrancy?

Duncan: Yes. I appreciate the honesty of some recent authors who even argued against inerrancy, but they at least agreed that Christians have always believed this in history.

Peter what do you believe about the bible?

Williams: I want to add more than inerrant and inspired and authoritative. Words like historical and clear. Continue reading

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T4G Panel – Contextualization: Lost In Translation?

(Audio of the panel can be found HERE.)

Matt how do people do Contextualization in Dallas?

Chandler: There are churches who say that just because of _____ this does not make you a Christian.

Kevin how are you doing at Contextualization in your church?

Deyoung: We are not known for that. I’m sure we do something even if we are not really thinking about Contextualization. But I hope we are talking to people and loving people and listening to them. I am more concerned with learning my people more than learning the culture. Every time I do illustrations it is contextualization though.

How about you Thabiti?

Anyabwile: Well what does the word mean? I study to be as plain as I can because there are 30 nationalities in our church.

Chandler: I think that is Contextualization. My style and dress are at least what is meant by Contextualization but it can mean more.

Anyabwile: I think that is just communication. We need to know our audience.

Mohler: We need some parameters. We need to not be offensive in the wrong ways. Contextualization came from missions conversations then came to evangelical pastors here thinking how they reach their cities. But we cannot ever think about these things saving people.

Chandler: We have to exegete culture in order to not be offensive. In Acts 17 Paul names the unknown God to reach those in Athens.

Mohler: The issue is when we get into the culture and learn about their idolatry and participate in it in order to reach people. What really concerns me is that liberals do what they do because of missions. They want to do things that will make sense to people. But where does this make sense. The word of the cross is foolish. Jews demands signs and Greeks seek wisdom. The gospel is alien in every culture.

Deyoung: Piper has reminded us that we need to create categories for people.

What book would you recommend people to read on this topic?

Chandler: I would be hesitant to recommend without knowing the person.

Deyoung: Anything by David Wells like “The Courage to Be Protestant”

Mohler: We just need to realize we are all products of culture with so much of what we do but we cannot bend on moral or theological truths.

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T4G Panel: Preaching Is There A Plan B?

Define preaching?

Dever: Proclaiming God’s truth to God’s people

Duncan: J. I. Packer Quote

C. J.: I agree with Packer

Why is preaching not central?

Dever: Pastors have lost confidence in preaching. We have not taught its central role.

C. J.: There needs to be a theological conviction in the pastor.

Is there any preaching that is not biblical?

Duncan: According to the Packer quote it’s so clear that there cannot be preaching without his word. God creates and calls his people by his word. There is no other way to encounter God. Continue reading

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Al Mohler’s T4G 2012 Message

The Power of the Articulated Gospel

Romans 10:5-17

First the gospel must be heard and then the gospel must be articulated. Do not underestimate the power of the articulated gospel.

Here we find “the whole machinery of the gospel” (Spurgeon)

1. The Word Is Brought Near

But what does it say? “The word is near you, in your mouth and in your heart” (that is, the word of faith that we proclaim); (Romans 10:8)

How were you brought to faith or anyone else in the world?

The word was brought near! It is brought near by preaching the gospel. It is brought near in verbal form. It is a word of words. It is a word that leads to faith.

We have had the word brought near and so we bring near the gospel to others. Continue reading

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