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Confidence In God

The following is my notes of Michael Lopes “Discover” message at George Washington University


Bear Bryant was out shooting ducks for 3 hours and after missing a duck he looked over at John McCay an says, “Look there is a miracle. A flying dead duck.”

Bryant had confidence in himself but how do we have confidence in God?

I was a rebellious child and God was not spoken of in our home until I did something wrong. My Dad would say, “Son, you know that God knows what you did.” No matter what I said I was going to be grounded.

My parents never granted my requests when I was grounded.

What is the connection between prayer and our confidence before God? I want you to know the confidence we have in approaching God in prayer. That is my topic for tonight. Continue reading


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Just Another Day In DC?

This post is not any sort of political statement. It is simply the photos I captured on my walk home from work today. We have only lived here a couple years and even though I know this is a big court case I have lost track of how many times I have walked by a scene that looks a lot like this one…



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