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Ten Principles Governing Spiritual Gifts

1. Spiritual gifts are given by one Spirit.

2. Spiritual gifts are as diverse as the parts of a body.

3. Spiritual gifts are an expression of unity in one body.

4. Spiritual gifts were given to the church and for edifying the church.
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Motivating the Gathered Church

The following is an article by  Bob Kauflin about using brief comments and exhortations to help people focus during corporate worship.

Have you ever noticed how easily your mind can drift when you sing? I can be belting out biblical, powerful, brilliantly crafted lyrics while thinking about what I’m going to have for lunch, the movie I went to this past week, or absolutely nothing at all. On the outside I look like I’m fully committed to worshipping God. On the inside I’m doing everything but.

The same can be true for the people we’re leading. So how do I help them focus on the words we’re actually singing? At the very least, I have to be thinking about them myself. I’m constantly asking myself questions in my mind like, Why is this true? What difference does it make? What if it wasn’t true? What’s not being said here? What does that word mean? Why does this line follow the last one?” As I answer those questions specifically, it helps me interact more with what I’m singing, and it has a greater impact on my soul. When I’m leading, I’ll simply share some of the answers to those thoughts with the congregation through spoken or sung fills. Continue reading

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