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Is Becoming A Christian Intellectual Suicide?

The following is an excerpt from Mark Dever’s address at Georgetown University titled “Is Becoming a Christian Intellectual Suicide?”

In order to affirm the broad sweeping claim that becoming a Christian is intellectual suicide you must be certain that there are no exceptions to that claim and the reality is that there are plenty of exceptions.


When we look at ethical issues, what sense does it make to say that John Newton or William Wilberforce were anti-intellectuals when they were leading abolitionists, but also devout Christians. What does this mean in reference to a Martin Luther King Jr.


When we turn to the arts there is the painter Michelangelo, the poet John Milton, the musician Johann Sebastian Bach or the writer, lecturer, and literary critic at Oxford, Cambridge C.S. Lewis.

Are we to assume that all of these people have committed intellectual suicide? If so, what can that mean about these men?

Political Theory

In Political theory there was Sir Thomas More and Sir Francis Bacon and Edmund Burke who all called themselves Christians. Alexander Hamilton who designed parts of the United States finance system. All of these men had their political theory affected by their faith. Abraham Kuyper was the Prime Minister of the Netherlands in the early 1900s but also a noted systematic theologian.

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Confidence In God

The following is my notes of Michael Lopes “Discover” message at George Washington University


Bear Bryant was out shooting ducks for 3 hours and after missing a duck he looked over at John McCay an says, “Look there is a miracle. A flying dead duck.”

Bryant had confidence in himself but how do we have confidence in God?

I was a rebellious child and God was not spoken of in our home until I did something wrong. My Dad would say, “Son, you know that God knows what you did.” No matter what I said I was going to be grounded.

My parents never granted my requests when I was grounded.

What is the connection between prayer and our confidence before God? I want you to know the confidence we have in approaching God in prayer. That is my topic for tonight. Continue reading

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A Very Good Friday

Today is known as Good Friday, but for me it was a VERY Good Friday! What made it such a great day? Well, this story actually begins on a Wednesday.

On Wednesday evening at George Washington University the ministry I work for, Campus Outreach, was hosting an evangelistic event called “Fact or Myth: Jesus Rose From the Dead?” We figured with the Easter weekend approaching it was a great time to do one last big evangelistic event on campus and I am so glad we did. It went so well!

We were trying our best to spread the word about the event like we normally do: hang posters around campus, put flyers in the mail, set up a table in a high traffic area and hand out flyers, etc… However, our best advertising happened on Wednesday morning in a New Testament class on campus.

One of the students in my weekly Bible study is currently taking a New Testament class this semester and knew that everyone in his class was currently working on a paper that discussed the resurrection from 1 Corinthians 15. So he figured his classmates might be interested in coming to our evangelistic event. He sent me this message on Wednesday morning:

“So, I beat my fear of man (at least for a few minutes) and my professor let me announce the Campus Outreach event tonight in front of my New Testament class. She is even giving extra credit for people who go and write a short reflection on it. So we might get a few more people there hopefully from my class.”

And so we did get a few more people from his class and another class. Apparently the same professor gave the same offer of extra credit to another New Testament class who is working on the same assignment. How cool is that?… But it gets better! Continue reading


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The Gospel & Our Everyday Lives

What do you think is the most important thing about Christianity? … How would you answer that question?

This would be one way I think we could answer it. The very center of Christianity is an announcement of some historical facts about a man named Jesus Christ. What do you think about that answer? Do you believe that? The truth that holds the Bible all together is some historical facts?

Let’s look at 1 Corinthians 15:3. “For I delivered to you as of first importance what I also received: that Christ died for our sins in accordance with the Scriptures.”

What does Paul say is “of first importance?” The message that he delivered and that message is “that Christ died for our sins.”

Substitution Is The Heart of Christianity

Have you ever heard or thought about the fact that substitution is the heart and center of the Christian faith. Think about it this way.

What is sin?

It the fact that we have substituted ourselves for God.

What is salvation?

It is the fact that Jesus Christ has substituted himself for us.

What is sin?

It is when we take what God alone deserves.

What is salvation?

It is when Jesus Christ has put himself in our place and he took what we deserve. Continue reading


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What Is Your Identity?

Here is the progression for my talk tonight: The Man, The Experiment, The Lessons Learned 

The Man

Who is “the man?” Look down at 1:1, who wrote this book? Who is the preacher?  All signs point to the author being Solomon.

But who is THE man? Solomon is THE man!

I want you to imagine that Solomon is alive today and he just came out with a new book. Would Solomon be a guy that you would be interested in reading? Would you be interested to listen to what he had to say?

He was a king of a very prosperous, wealthy, powerful nation, which means he has more wealth and power than you and I will ever, ever, ever, ever, ever……ever have. He is extremely smart and well educated.  From the second he was born, had so many privileges and tutors who taught him about life. He would have been the most famous and well known person in the world.

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Making Godly Decisions

What is God’s will for your summer? Is it God’s will for you to go on the Campus Outreach Summer Beach Project?

Is it God’s will for you to be at GW or transfer or drop out and stop accumulating ridiculous amounts of debt?

How about your major? Are you sure you have declared the right major? Should you change your major?

What is God’s will for you with your career? Should you go to some kind of grad school or law school first?

Is it God’s will for you to get married? And if so, to whom? Etc…

When you think about these decisions you have to make in your life don’t you see your need for guidance? Whether it is from a trusted friend or family member, a consultant or expert in a particular field, or a pastor, counselor, or mentor. We all seek out guidance all the time.

But how can we guidance from God? What are some basic truths from God’s word about guidance?

Truth # 1: God Made Decisions

“The lot is cast into the lap, but its every decision is from the Lord.” (Proverbs 16:33)

Lot casting is a lot like drawing straws or flipping a coin. And this verse says every little detail is from God’s plan.

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