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Tolerance Is Exclusive Too!

The following is an excerpt by Tim Keller in Christianity Today. The rest of the article can be found HERE.

Tolerance Is Exclusive Too!

Nothing is more characteristic of the modern mindset than the statement “I think Christ is fine, but I believe a devout Muslim or Buddhist or even a good atheist will certainly find God.” This approach is seen as more inclusive.

I point out that the universal religion of humankind is: We develop a good record and give it to God, and then he owes us. The gospel is: God develops a good record and gives it to us, then we owe him (Rom. 1:17). In short, to say a good person, not just Christians, can find God is to say good works are enough to find God. But this apparently inclusive approach is really quite exclusive. It says, “The good people can find God, and the bad people do not.” What does this mean for those of us with moral failures? We are excluded.

So both approaches are exclusive, but the gospel’s is the more inclusive exclusivity. It says joyfully, “It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’ve done. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been at the gates of hell. You can be welcomed and embraced fully and instantly through Christ.”


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Motivating the Gathered Church

The following is an article by  Bob Kauflin about using brief comments and exhortations to help people focus during corporate worship.

Have you ever noticed how easily your mind can drift when you sing? I can be belting out biblical, powerful, brilliantly crafted lyrics while thinking about what I’m going to have for lunch, the movie I went to this past week, or absolutely nothing at all. On the outside I look like I’m fully committed to worshipping God. On the inside I’m doing everything but.

The same can be true for the people we’re leading. So how do I help them focus on the words we’re actually singing? At the very least, I have to be thinking about them myself. I’m constantly asking myself questions in my mind like, Why is this true? What difference does it make? What if it wasn’t true? What’s not being said here? What does that word mean? Why does this line follow the last one?” As I answer those questions specifically, it helps me interact more with what I’m singing, and it has a greater impact on my soul. When I’m leading, I’ll simply share some of the answers to those thoughts with the congregation through spoken or sung fills. Continue reading

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