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Special Subjects of Supplication

“Then Agrippa said unto Paul, Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian.” (Acts 26:28)

Notwithstanding his bonds, Paul is to be envied that he had an opportunity of addressing himself to kings and rulers, and that once at least in his life he stood before the great master of the Roman world, the Emperor himself. To reach the ignorant who sit on thrones is no mean feat for benevolence. Alas I the gospel seldom climbs the high places of rank and dignity. It is a great act of mercy towards nobles and princes, when they have the opportunity of hearing a faithful gospel discourse. Highly favored was Edward VI. to have such a preacher as Hugh Latimer, to tell him to his face the truth as it is in Jesus; and much favored was Agrippa, though he scarcely appreciated the privilege, to listen to so earnest an advocate of the gospel of Jesus as Paul the apostle.

We ought to pray much more than we do for men in high places, because they have many bewitching temptations and less gracious opportunities than even the humblest paupers. There is less likelihood of the gospel ever affecting their hearts, than of its converting the poor and needy. We should make them therefore specially the subjects of supplication, and then we might hope to see consecrated coronets far more frequently. Continue reading


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Thabiti Anyabwile’s T4G2012 Message

Will Your Gospel Transform A Terrorist?

1 Timothy 1:12-17

At a evangelism workshop in Dubai a speaker asked “what is the greatest hindrance to the advance of the gospel?”

He said, “the Christians lack of confidence in the gospel.”

It exposed ME! I too lack confidence in the gospel. I believed it but lack confidence in it.

Is their any evident mark in your life and ministry that you have total confidence in the power of the gospel? Is it clear? Can others see a deep unshakable confidence in this gospel?

Do we have confidence in the power of the gospel to save even the worst people and hardest of hearts?

Who comes to mind when you think about someone who is hard to reach? A terrorist? A prostitute? A neighbor? A family member?

Am I confident that down in my bones the gospel has the power to transform even THAT person?

My goal is to exhort us today in one thing:

That we would rest all our weight and confidence in the power of the gospel. That it would be our only boast. Continue reading

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