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Can Someone Be A Homosexual Christian?

The following post is the 4th of a 5 part series of posts on “Frequently Asked Questions About Homosexuality?” In this 4th post I will be answering the question “Can Someone Be A Homosexual Christian?” If you would like to see the other questions addressed in this series of posts, then just click the links below:

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Pt. 2 – Are People Born Gay?

Pt. 3 – Is Homosexuality Worse Than Other Sins?

Pt. 5 – How Did Jesus Treat People With Sexual Sin?

I originally wrote the content of these posts when I was asked to address these questions at a summer youth camp. The intended purpose of these posts are to help Christians who already have a firm conviction about the authority of Scripture. I want them to better understand what the Bible teaches about homosexuality. So my hope is that these truths will help instruct Christians who want to share the gospel with the homosexuals they know.

Can Someone Be A Homosexual Christian?

Like some of the other questions in this series, this question can be a bit tricky. If I were to be asked this question in a conversation I probably would not want to just answer it right away. Instead I would want to know what the person asking the question means by “homosexual Christian.”

What makes someone a homosexual? Is it having homosexual desires or temptations? Is it having a history of homosexual activity in your life? Does it mean that you are currently practicing homosexual behavior?

How we define what makes someone a homosexual really makes a big difference in how we answer this question. Continue reading



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Confidence In God

The following is my notes of Michael Lopes “Discover” message at George Washington University


Bear Bryant was out shooting ducks for 3 hours and after missing a duck he looked over at John McCay an says, “Look there is a miracle. A flying dead duck.”

Bryant had confidence in himself but how do we have confidence in God?

I was a rebellious child and God was not spoken of in our home until I did something wrong. My Dad would say, “Son, you know that God knows what you did.” No matter what I said I was going to be grounded.

My parents never granted my requests when I was grounded.

What is the connection between prayer and our confidence before God? I want you to know the confidence we have in approaching God in prayer. That is my topic for tonight. Continue reading

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