Views of Scripture & Missions

The following post are my notes of Dr. John Ewart’s lecture on missions.

An honest and high view of Scripture will lead to a strong missiology. In order to understand the grand drama of missions in the Bible, one must have a proper view of the Bible. Our theology will affect our theology of missions. So how do you see the Scriptures?

Three Views of Scripture

1. Human Constructivist
– Anti-supernatural
– Liberal or atheist
– The Bible is a completely human book
– It is simply an expression of inner feeling or fantasy
– This view of Scripture will lead to a social ministry mentality missiology

2. Human Response
– God did speak in part. Man responded and wrote the Bible.
– The Bible delivers God’s Word but is not literally His word.
– The Bible contains errors as well as God’s Word.
– This view of Scripture will produce a wide spectrum of missiology but almost never will it produce exclusivism.

3. Divine Inspiration
– The Bible is God’s inspired, infallible, literal word.
– This view leads us to the whole canon of Scripture for the grand missiological narrative.
– We will trust the whole story.

If we are to study and participate in missions, the task of missions must be found in the text. We must be able to look at the Scriptures as a whole and trust what we find.


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