Missio Dei

The following post are my notes of Dr. John Ewart’s lecture on missions.

What is the Mission of God?

It is not missions. Namely, it is not international or foreign missions. The mission of God is ultimately for God to bring glory unto himself.

One of many ways that God will bring glory to himself is to draw lost people to himself.

“Missions is the overflow of God’s delight in being God.” (John Piper)

Therefore, our ultimate mission is to bring glory to God.

One of many ways we bring glory to God is to intentionally seek to be used by him in His redeeming work.

The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Even in the church the laborers are few. Around 90% of average church members do not any intention of trying to share their faith. We must be sharing our faith so that we can bring God glory.

However, missions and evangelism are not our goals, they are the means to our goals.

“Evangelism begins in theology not anthropology.” (Lewis Drummond)

Missions and evangelism begins with God and our theology matters. What believe about God and man will determine how we seek to fulfill God’s mission. What we believe about soteriology matters and should determine our methodology.

Missions Definitions

“The expansion of Christianity among non-Christians.” (Mark Terry)

“The specific work of the church and agencies in the task of reaching people for Christ by crossing cultural boundaries.” (Scott Moreau)

“The total biblical assignment of the church of Jesus Christ. It is a comprehensive term including the upward, inward and outward ministries of the church. It is the church as ‘sent’ in this world.” (George Peters)

Evangelism Definitions

Here are some of the beliefs people have in our world:

– Atheism

– Deism

– Humanism/Materialism

– Universalism

– Pluralism

– Syncretism

– Inclusivism

As Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones has said:

“The supreme object of our mission is to glorify God, not to save souls. The only power that can do this work is the Holy Spirit, not our own strength. The one and only medium through which the Spirit works is the Scriptures; therefore, we “reason out of Scriptures” as Paul did. The true motivation for evangelism is a zeal for God and a love for others. There is a constant danger of heresy through a false zeal and employment of unscriptural methods.”

We must not forget the primacy of the Holy Spirit and Scripture to guide us in our mission as we seek to Glorify Him.

A high view of Scripture leads us to a deep commitment of mission and evangelism.


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