Outline of Galatians

The following are my notes of Ed Gravely’s lecture on Galatians at SEBTS.

Basic Outline of Galatians

I. Rebuke of the False Gospel
Ch. 1-2 – Autobiography and defense of apostleship
Ch. 3-4 – Theological defense of justification by faith

II. Appeal to pursue life in the Spirit
Ch. 5-6 – Practical results of justification by faith

Chapter By Chapter Outline of Galatians

Ch. 1 – Opening: Introducing the letter and the problem.

Ch. 1-2 – Paul’s Gospel and Testimony

Ch. 3 – No justification by works

Ch. 4 – The purpose of the law and the “illustration.”

Ch. 5 – Walk in the Spirit, the fruits of the Spirit

Ch. 6 – Fulfill the Law of Christ.


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