January Ministry Update

The past month and a half has been quite full of many new exciting ministry opportunities for us. I fear that if I begin writing about all of them, then this newsletter will quickly turn into a long essay ; )

I have tried my best to be brief so that you can get a sense for what has been happening. However, if you would like more info. then I would recommend subscribing to our day-to-day newsletter by clicking HERE.

  • I started a one-on-one evangelistic bible study with Luis, a student from Senn High School. He has been reading the bible each week and always sounds eager to meet with me. He has not yet repented of his sins so please do pray that God will grant him repentance.
  • The past two Sundays at Edgewater Baptist I have been teaching 20-30 adults in a class on discipling. The content of this class is so important for our church planting work. Pray that all of us at Edgewater Baptist will be faithful in our disciple-making and that God will use this 13-week course toward that end.
  • Christine and I started a new small group bible study in our home with other members/attenders of Edgewater Baptist Church. We already have around 10 people in our group and I think we are off to a good start. Please pray God blesses us with great fellowship as we study his word together.
  • Christine has had several good opportunities to talk with Edda, our landlord. She has really start to build a good relationship with their whole family. A couple weeks ago Edda gave Christine a haircut and they had a great conversation about her faith. Please pray for Christine’s ministry with the other moms in our neighborhood that she is trying to reach.
  • There is a dying Lutheran church two blocks from my house that I have begun to build a relationship with. I recently joined them for Sunday morning worship and last week I met with the president of their congregation. He is one of a few people who are still fighting to keep their doors open. Please pray that if this church has to sell their building that they would only sell it to a group of people who will preach the gospel in it.
  • I recently did some preaching at Edgewater Baptist Church and if you would like to listen to the sermons they can be accessed HERE and HERE.  A man named Jeff approached me after my most recent sermon. He told me that he has recently become a Christian and wants help in learning how to live his life for Christ. Please pray for this new relationship I have begun with Jeff.

Thanks for praying!
Phill & Christine Howell


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  1. It is nice to see God at work! Blessings – Patty

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