September Newsletter

“Indeed these are the mere edges of His ways.”
— Job 26:14

Does God Answer Prayer? 

In last month’s newsletter we explained that our target move date was December because we were trying to figure things out with our housing. So we asked you to be praying this month that God would give us wisdom and that he would provide for these needs. Should we be surprised one month later as we look back and see that God has in fact answered these prayers? Don’t we serve a God who delights in answering the prayers of his people?

There are a dozen or more stories that we could share with you from this past month about specific ways God has answered prayer. Early in September we spent a week in the Chicago area meeting up with many different people and sharing our vision for planting a church in the city. All throughout this trip God was so faithful to answer our prayers. We had many encouraging meetings and added several new prayer and financial partners. We see that entire week as one big answer to prayer. 

When we returned home in DC we grew all the more eager to move out to Chicago, but we knew in order for that to happen some big things needed to take place. Thankfully we know the God who specializes in doing big things and so we turned to Him. One day last week I (Phill) went away for some extended time of prayer. I began praying boldly and specifically about every detail I could think of in relation to our moving. I even wrote my prayers out in a prayer journal so that I could look back and be reminded of God’s faithfulness.

It has only been one week since I prayed that day and we have already been overwhelmed with how quickly and abundantly God has answered these prayers. Let me share with you just one example. One of our big prayer requests has been that we would find not merely a place to live in, but we would find a place to do ministry. We prayed for a place to be hospitable. We prayed for a place that would be good for sharing the gospel with our neighbors and this past weekend we believe God has provided us that place.

Not only did we find a wonderful and beautiful home (click HERE to see a few photos), but our landlord, Corey, will only be living four houses away from us. He has been living in Edgewater for over 17 years. He told us he knows all our neighbors. Has been super friendly in all of my interactions with him and has already mentioned how he wants our families to get together so we can better get to know each other.

The morning after we found this house Christine was meditating on how all of God’s ways are good and she came across the verse that is written above from Job 26:14. All that we have seen God do this past weekend in helping us get this house are indeed the mere edges of His ways. When Christ died and rose again he gave the greatest answer to our biggest prayer request. When we understand the magnitude of what Christ accomplished on the cross we begin to see how all other gifts and answers to prayer are the mere edges of His good and perfect ways.

We hope this newsletter will be an encouragement for you to keep praying for us, for others, and for yourself. We want to especially encourage you to be praying boldly, specifically, and expectantly. God has promised to give us anything we ask that is in accordance with his will. This next month let’s put our faith in this promise and join us in praying for at least these three things:

Prayer Requests

1. Please pray for all that will be involved with us moving. Pray not only for our safety, but also for us to have godly attitudes during this stressful and emotional season.

2. Please pray for Corey, our landlord. Pray that God would give us opportunities to share the gospel with him and his family. Also pray that God would use Corey to help connect us with many other people in our neighborhood.

3. Please pray for God to provide many divine appointments this next month as we settle in our new home and new neighborhood.


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