August Newsletter

“He determined the allotted periods and boundaries of our dwelling place.”
— Acts 17:26

Summer Summary

When the school year ended in May, our 1-year commitment with Campus Outreach at George Washington University ended as well. Once that happened our focus immediately shifted to putting a big dent into the 39 credits Phill had left for his seminary degree.

So we came up with a plan that would enable Phill to earn 21 credits in just over 2 months! It involved us living in North Carolina for 2 weeks, taking a test at a gas station while we were droving out to awedding in Illinois, and spending a few days in Atlanta for a church planting conference. It was very challenging, but we did it! Now there is finally light at the end of the seminary tunnel!

Once Phill was done his school work we took some much needed time off in August. We spent a few days at the beach in Ocean City, MD with Christine’s family and then just a week later we left for a 7 day vacation with Phill’s family in Virginia Beach. By the way, Christine took some great photos of the kids at the beach that are on Facebook.

When Are We Moving?

As you can see, we had a few FULL summer months and now our focus has shifted to prepare for our move to Chicago. Originally we had wanted to try and move out to Chicago in August or September. However, with our time and energy focused so much on seminary, we really were not ready to move once August rolled around.

Now we have made December our new target date for moving out to Chicago. December may not be the best time of the year to do a big move like this, but it is looking like December will give us a few more months to raise more support and have a better idea of what our housing options will be.

There is a good chance we will end up living in a housing unit owned by Edgewater Baptist Church that is right next to the church. One of the guys on their church staff is currently in the process of joining the Army to serve as a chaplain. If all that works out for him, then there would be a housing unit available for us. Therefore, it seems like the wisest thing to do is to just to wait until December and move then even if there will be ridiculously cold wind chills 🙂

Prayer Requests

1. Please pray for our support raising efforts over the next few months and that God would faithfully provide all our needs.

2. Please pray for Jon Butler, the guy on staff at Edgewater Baptist Church, and pray that God would bless his desire to serve as an army chaplain and by doing so it would also open up a place for us to live as well.

3. Please pray for wisdom and patience as we wait to move during this transition season. We are eager move and begin the work God has called us to in Chicago.


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