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Marriage In Gospel Focus

The following are my notes from Tim Keller’s portion of the sermon given by him and his wife at The Gospel Coalition’s 2012 National Women’s Conference. A video of the entire message can be found HERE

1. The Unreal and Distorted Relationship of Our Culture to Marriage

Here are three statistics about marriage in our culture:

1. The divorce rate today is about 50%, but it was only 25% in 1960.

2. In 1960 75% of all US adults were married, but today it is less than 50%.

3. In 1960 the percent of those who cohabited was not even on the map, but today 25% of all unmarried women ages 25-40 are living with a man. Over half of all women in their 20s, 30s, & 40s will at one time cohabit.

These statistics are striking and show a huge change in our culture but they also communicate a set of assumptions:

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August Newsletter

“He determined the allotted periods and boundaries of our dwelling place.”
— Acts 17:26

Summer Summary

When the school year ended in May, our 1-year commitment with Campus Outreach at George Washington University ended as well. Once that happened our focus immediately shifted to putting a big dent into the 39 credits Phill had left for his seminary degree.

So we came up with a plan that would enable Phill to earn 21 credits in just over 2 months! It involved us living in North Carolina for 2 weeks, taking a test at a gas station while we were droving out to awedding in Illinois, and spending a few days in Atlanta for a church planting conference. It was very challenging, but we did it! Now there is finally light at the end of the seminary tunnel!
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