Tell The Truth Review


Will Metzger’s Tell the Truth is a book about the gospel. He is seriously concerned with the evangelistic practices and methods that have been happening in the modern church. All throughout the book Metzger compares the differences between sharing a “God-Centered” gospel message and a “me-centered” gospel message. It is clear by the many examples that Metzger provided of “me-centered” gospel presentations that he wants this book to help clarify both the gospel we share and the methods we use when we share it.

The book is divided into four major parts and there are four helpful appendices in the back of the book. The first part of the book, “The Whole Gospel,” is comprised of three chapters that lay a foundation for the rest of the book. Metzger defines what evangelism is, what God’s role in evangelism is and what our role in evangelism is. In chapter two, Metzger spends much of his time comparing and contrasting the current trends that he believes are “me-centered” with the message and methods he believes are “God-centered.” In part two of the book he mainly addresses the issue of easy believism and makes a case why biblical evangelism should change the whole person radically. Then in part three he stresses the importance of trusting in God’s sovereignty and believing the doctrines of grace. Finally, in the fourth part of the book he gives two chapters on how we should go about our witnessing. He focuses on the character of the Christians sharing the gospel and the ways we communicate to the lost around us.


Tell the Truth is a wonderful book on evangelism. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and often found myself agreeing whole-heartedly with Metger’s analysis and conclusions. This book is rich with theology and scripture. Metzger concern for getting the gospel right is certainly commendable and one of the things he does so well. Metzger did a wonderful job of explaining the importance of believing in God’s sovereignty and his role in saving helpless sinners from his wrath. It reminded me of J.I. Packer’s classic book, Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God. Also the chapter on worship was wonderful and very refreshing. I could not agree with him more about the role worship plays in motivating us for evangelism. I think it is also really important to see that we are all made to worship and that the lost are all worshipping false gods.


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