The following is my notes of Jamie Dunlop’s message on giving at Capitol Hill Baptist Church given on Sunday, June 10, 2012.

Why We Should Give

The bible talks a lot about money and giving and it tells us that it reveals what is in our hearts.

“For where your treasure is there your heart is also.”

We always give out of our spiritual abundance. When we gladly rid ourselves of temporal things it shows how much more valuable Christ is.

This is why Jesus told that parable about the man who sold everything he had with great joy.

There is also great joy in knowing what your money is going to do. Did you know that tonight you could give more money to spread gospel work?

By the way, we are doing well financially as a church and so I am not asking or more money because we need to meet budget or something.

If you talk to more mature Christians you will notice how much they give and love to give.

So, if giving is such a joyful thing then why is often an area that involves guilt?

Here are 4 ways people go wrong with money:

1. We Idolize Money

We idolize money by becoming materialistic.

We need to understand that everything we have belongs to God.

When we become a Christian we are to be living sacrifices with all that we have. We are to make the most of every opportunity.

Every time you spend money you need to think about how it brings God glory.

But materialism is not the only way we idolize money we can also idolize how much you give to the church.

Realize that you can glorify God by spending money so many ways and not just giving to the church. Like you can throw a big party for your neighbors. You can take someone out to eat in order to share the gospel. Etc….

2. We Ignore Money

Some just do not pay attention to money and even think that is a good thing.

This is not a biblical way to think. We can spend both too little and too much time thinking about money.

We see in 2 Corinthians Paul instruct us not on how much we should give, but how we should give.

Giving should be regular, planned, and deliberate.

How much do you give? If you do not know then you are not planning and being deliberate.

3. We Misunderstand “The Tithe”

No where in either the Old or New Testament is there a prescription to give a 10% tithe.

In Malachi we see that they were robing God if they did not give the tithe and the other offerings. There were other offerings and it was not just 10%.

We see in the New Testament that giving to our church is commanded but the command is not 10% but to give what you can.

Just because you cannot give 10% does not mean you are being unfaithful. For others just because you are giving 10% that does not mean you are pleasing God with your money.

Some of you need to give less and others need to give more so that you can better glorify God with what he has given you.

How would you think about your money differently if all of it was sent to the church and then you had to take out what you needed like an allowance?

4. We Misunderstand the Benefits of Giving

There are many Christian teachers who promise material blessings in this life when we give money, but that is not true. God is gracious and merciful and often times does bless us but not always.

There are those who misunderstand that there is great blessing with giving. These blessings are real an we are right to be motivated by self-interest and the rewards God promises.

We should not just give because of obligation, but of joy and trust in these promises.

What are we doing messing around with the trinkets of this world when everlasting blessing is offered to us?

No matter what your political stance is I hope that all of us leave here radically liberal in our giving.


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