T4G 2012 Panel – Inerrancy: Did God Really Say?

(Listen to the audio of this panel HERE.)

Al Mohler read the affirmations and denials of T4G on inerrancy

John did you see inerrancy lost in your seminary at Fuller?

Piper: No. It happened while I was in Germany.

Simon, is this just a reformation thing?

Gathercole: No. We see inerrancy taught in Augustine very clearly.

Is there a unified thought in Christian history on inerrancy?

Duncan: Yes. I appreciate the honesty of some recent authors who even argued against inerrancy, but they at least agreed that Christians have always believed this in history.

Peter what do you believe about the bible?

Williams: I want to add more than inerrant and inspired and authoritative. Words like historical and clear.

Al, what do people think about this in the world today?

Mohler: There are those who do not believe in the meaning and truth of words. It’s an idealogical approach. There are those apologetic approaches for why people do not believe in inerrancy. They feel they can’t believe it because of evolution or something. The third approach is a moral issue were we think it’s immoral of God to do something that is in the Bible.

Gathercole: A good argument is just to look at the way Jesus deals with Scripture and uses it. That is the cornerstone for inerrancy and its a matter of following Christ.

Williams: We need to be careful to understand that apologetics often leads to heresy because they want people to come to Christ so they water inerrancy down so it attracts or helps persuade them. We saw this with Marcion.

Dever: Trying to have the Bible make sense.

Mohler: Exactly. What we see in modern liberalism is people saying we cannot reach people with these old truths if they have electric lights.

John why did you conclude inerrancy is true?

Piper: My momma told me its true. Another layer is God made me see it. I couldn’t believe it’s not true if I tried. It makes sense of the world for me year after year. One other layer is the liar, lunatic, or faithful apostle in the writing of Paul. We know Paul better than any other author. If I compare Paul with liberal scholars they do not even come close to him. He is so wise and smart. Once you got Paul speaking truth then the others shine with evidence. That is a few. There are others.

Dever: Those were good you got more?

Piper: Why are you married? How do you find freedom from porn? This book! The power of the word. That is another layer. And there are more!!!

John, what good books have you read on the Bible?

Piper: “Scripture and Truth” I remember was helpful but I always forget what I read and you always embarrass me with these questions. I do not remember what I have read.

Dever: John just keep writing and we will keep reading. But Packer’s “Fundamentalism and the Word of God” is short and very good.

Piper: That is a great answer!

Al what was the closest you came to not believing inerrancy?

Mohler: I never came close. In seminary I came close to wanting other words and ways to describe it. “He Is There And He Is Not Silent” was a top 5 book at that time that kept me from losing it.

Lig how about your upbringing?

Duncan: I had a good pastor and a good education in seminary. Then I read an attack on Packer’s book and spent 6 months seriously studying inerrancy. I had a professor who walked through these issues with me. But it was the testimony of those around me whose lives could not be that way unless the Bible was true.

Dever: Mom’s this conversation may not be interesting to you but God uses you hugely.

Mohler: Listening to good faithful preaching was powerful to me as well.

Peter your beliefs are not popular where you are at.

Williams: No. I went through doubt but the bible is amazing and the historical reliability of the bible is remarkable.


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