T4G Panel – Gay Marriage: Now What?

What is marriage?

Mohler: Genesis 1-2 and Ephesians 5. We have to go to scripture to define marriage. It reflects God and the gospel. It is cross cultural and the most fundamental institution.

Should we expect marriage laws to be overturned?

Mohler: It took centuries for a complete moral revolution. No they peobably will not be overturned. Therefore we need know what we think about marriage because this issue is not going away. It will effect pastor’s membership and Christian schools and universities. They are going to be articulated and put in credal form. We are going to have to train children about what marriage is.

Are you encouraged by what you see in this topic?

Mohler: One out of six Americans live in an area where same sex marriage is legal.

Dever: In the church this subject is a subset of membership and discipline.

Will we will be arrested for preaching it’s sin?

Mohler: This will be happening more.

What is a problem with how we are dealing with this issue?

Mohler: We have not clearly communicated that we are all misdirected sexually and the issue is just a way that people have been misdirected. The homosexuals are hearing that THEY are sexual sinners when we are ALL sexual sinners.

Dever: We need to see this sin is even in our “best members.”

How do we counsel individuals?

Mohler: Start by saying that all are struggling with sexual sin. We then need to help them see who they truly are and how God made them and their sin nature and the new identity Christ offers. Do not make it simplistic it’s not simply a prayer to pray.

Dever: I think that we need to be careful about mocking these sins.

Mohler: We need to repent of our own form of homo-phobia and some terrible books and awful sermons.

How do we speak about this publicly?

Mohler: We need to first acknowledge that we must talk about this in the public. We have a responsibility to speak about this and stand for the truth of marriage.

Dever: We need to also remember that the gospel has prospered when the government has oppressed the church.


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