T4G Panel: Preaching Is There A Plan B?

Define preaching?

Dever: Proclaiming God’s truth to God’s people

Duncan: J. I. Packer Quote

C. J.: I agree with Packer

Why is preaching not central?

Dever: Pastors have lost confidence in preaching. We have not taught its central role.

C. J.: There needs to be a theological conviction in the pastor.

Is there any preaching that is not biblical?

Duncan: According to the Packer quote it’s so clear that there cannot be preaching without his word. God creates and calls his people by his word. There is no other way to encounter God.

How is preaching be replaced?

Mohler: Drama. Images instead of hearing.

Do we have 30 minutes of worship and then preaching?

Mohler: In the past they would have thought all of worship centered around preaching.

Dever: People in the 1500s could still remember the smell of flesh burning for translating the bible. The word was precious to them.

Is preaching non-participatory?

Duncan: We need to talk about what is faithful preaching and instruct people how to listen to sermons.

How do you train people to listen to preaching?

Dever: Teach them the theology of God’s word being active in their lives.

What extent are we accountable to the entertainment culture?

C. J.: We are called to draw people to the text. I do not feel accountable to the entertainment culture.

Mohler: I do not know if that is true C.J. Your sermon would have scared people a few hundred years ago.

Dever: I have heard from a friend that argued the opposite. In a culture of entertainment the oratory skill will stand out because no else is doing it.

Can a church grow and reach people by preaching?

Duncan: The young people love it more than those of my generation.

What would you say to young ordinary pastors?

Dever: Not enough preparation, not enough careful application, they have no feedback built in to your preaching

Mohler: I fear preachers have too much pressure for immediate numerical results and the other issue is they have not done work on application and lastly they feel they need to add something to the preaching

How many hours should you prepare?

Dever: Depends on the context. Have elders who will help you with how long you should preach and prepare.

Duncan: I spent more hours when I first started then now. There is a compounding benefit of our lifelong preparation.

What is a quick word of encouragement to preachers?

Dever: Understand the privilege.

Duncan: There is nobody who can preach to your people like you can. You bled with them.

C.J.: I can’t prove on 2 Corinthians 4:1-6, but prioritize your week so that Sunday message is your most important leadership moment in your church.

Mohler: You will have some of the greatest moments and some of the worst moments from the pulpit.


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