T4G 2012 Panel: Complementarianism Is it Essential or Expendable?

Where did the term come from?

John Piper: At the Danvers Statement gathering We need another name so we distinguish between egalitarianism and the abuse of the differences between men and women were the men are domineering or passive and likewise the women who abusing it.

Where is the culture now?

Russell Moore: I fear we are complimentarian by checking off a box but not functionally in the home. Today pastors have to deal with men wanting be women. Luther never had to deal with that!

Why is this issue talked about at a conference about coming together for the gospel?

John Piper: That is a great question because we do not need to believe it to be a Christian, but marriage is the gospel portrayed. You could lose the gospel because of the gymnastics you would have to do to be egalitarian.

Greg Gilbert: It is a corrosive hermeneutic that gets to egalitarian. That corrosion will eventually get at the heart of the gospel.

Russell Moore: The question is not just of we have male headship but what kind of male headship we will have.

How do you respond to critics?

Greg Gilbert: I want to affirm all that the Bible allows for women to do in the church. Not just the things they are not allowed to do.

John Piper: The question egalitarians never answer is when a little kid who says what does it mean to be a man or woman?

How would you persuade those here who do not believe in complimentarianism?

Russell Moore: You have to deal with the texts and deal with the gentle but decisive leadership of Jesus.

Greg Gilbert: Roles do not mean dignity and value.

John Piper: I would begin with Ephesians 5 then 1 Timothy 2 and then you go back to Genesis 1 and 2.


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