Preaching Christ Is Preaching the Whole Counsel

If we can see the big picture of the forest and learn who to interpret the trees in light of the forest, then it would help explain why preaching the gospel is in fact preaching the whole counsel of God.

“Our concern is not to preach Christ to the exclusion of the ‘whole counsel of God’ but rather to view the whole counsel of God, with all its teachings, laws, prophecies, and visions, in the light of Jesus Christ.”

Preaching the gospel every week and making it the center of all the Scriptures does not mean you will only preach sermons on the events of Christ’s death and resurrection. This would be failing to understand what it means to preach Christ from all of Scripture. The church does need sermons that deal with Christian living, social justice, and hundreds of other important ethical issues and doctrines.

The point being made here is that in order for them to understand how those issues fit into the big picture they need to hear them preached in light of what who Christ is and what He has done. Many pastors and theologians have called this the confusion of “law and gospel.” The irony of confusing law and gospel is not only that it is unbiblical, but it also fails to produce the fruit that the preacher hopes his sermons will bear. As Graeme Goldsworthy so eloquently puts it, “to say we should be or do and not link it with a clear exposition of what God has done about our failure to be or do perfectly as he wills is to reject the grace of God and to lead people to lust after self-help and self-improvement in a way that, to call a spade a spade, is godless.”


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