Abe Lincoln Can Dunk?

This week last year I was getting asked to come on the number # 1 morning news show (Fox & Friends). I was doing interviews on TV, the radio, getting phone calls and emails from a variety of reporters. The whole thing was hilarious to me.

However, several of my friends told me that this was going to be just the beginning. In fact, one of them convinced me I could get on The Late Show with David Letterman if we told them my story and sent them a video of me dunking a basketball.

Looking back it now I have no idea why we thought me dunking a basketball dressed up like Abe Lincoln would get me on Letterman, but we still went for it!!!

I never did get an invite to Letterman, but a few days later saw that I did make it on Lopez tonight. I also learned that dunking in a suit is a lot harder then I thought it would be.


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