Quotes from Knowing the Holy Spirit

“For the Israelites…all of life on earth is sustained by the Spirt of God…If it were not for the life-sustaining Spirit of God, life would be instantly extinct, dead in the dust.” (Pg. 20)

“Although we often talk about how we are to ‘care for the environment,’ it is actually the other way around. It is the environment that cares for us! The ‘environment’ as we lamely call it, is God’s creation into which he has put us. And if he did not continuously sustain and renew it, we would not long survive within it.” (Pg. 22)

“Are you aware of what you received when you received the Holy Spirit?” (Pg. 34)

“Not all so-called manifestations of the Spirit are in and of themselves welcome signs of the wholesome activity of God They can be mixed up with the unwelcome manifestations of self-serving human ambition. And sometimes they can be deployed in ways that are out of control and potentially devastating. We need wisdom and discernment. ‘Test the spirits to see whether they are from God’ (1 John 4:1).” (Pg. 43)

“Spirit-filled leadership becomes shared leadership. Actually, this takes more humility than dependance on God alone. Some of us are very willing to trust God. Trusting others, who (we are asked to believe) also have the Spirit of God feels like a much more dubious proposal. But it is one of the marks of the Holy Spirit in anyone who is a servant-leader like Moses that they are humble enough to recognize God’s gifts in others, and share leadership with them. Pride says…make sure it is through me and nobody else. Humility says…let God provide Spirit-filled helpers for me. The more the better.” (Pg. 50-51)

“True humility is the sign of a person at ease with himself or herself and God. When you know that your own life is securely bound up with Christ in God and that nothing and nobody can rob you of it; when you know that your identity and security lie in God’s grace, not in anything you can do…when these things fill your conscious and subconscious mind, what is there to be proud of? Who is there to be jealous of? What is there to be threatened by? What is there to worry about losing, when you cannot lose all this?” (Pg. 55)

“The greatest evidence of the presence of the Holy Spirit in Moses’ life was precisely the absence of those things that are commonly linked with great and powerful people: pride in one’s own self-sufficiency, jealous defense of one’s own prerogatives, driving ambition for one’s own legacy. This is the power of the Holy Spirit in a human life. This is power with humility.” (Pg. 61)

“…what happens when someone exercises prophetic gifts under the control of the Spirit of God. They have a compulsion to speak the truth even if they come out of a pagan background.” (Pg. 79)

“to be filled with the Spirit of God is to be filled with justice.” (Pg. 84)

“Israel was not chosen over against the rest of the nations, but for the sake of the rest of the nations…the mission of Israel was a matter of being rather than going…they were to be holy…So Israel’s mission was to reflect Yahweh their God in the midst of the nations.” (Pg. 100, 102)

“Anointing by God’s Spirit is what enables people to do what God wants to get done.” (pg. 117)

“The Israelites had been unfaithful to God, but they appeal to God to be faithful to himself. That is a firm foundation for all prayer, but especially for repentance.” (Pg. 141)

“One of the great marks of repentance is that you find yourself more concerned for God’s honor than your own.” (Pg. 142)


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